Decorative Modern Scandinavian House with Modern Style

Could be house near Stockholm is known as Villa Alba. Alba indicates ‘sunrise’ in Italian which name was given to the property because of its giant windows as well as openness to the nature. The inside is modern and in each and every room you would find just as much natural light as possible, even in the toilet. The architecture is also interesting: a glass corridor, a large terrace. Bright warm colours and natural wood include coziness. I like a big contemporary stone fireplace and 2 lounge chairs of the exact same color in front of it. Humorous towels with leopard print out give a fresh look to the toilet. Beauty in details!

Modern Bright Scandinavian House Landscape Design Modern Bright Scandinavian House Bedroom Design with Forrest View Modern Bright Scandinavian House Bathroom Design Modern Bright Scandinavian House Living Room Design