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Spa exteriors and interiors come in a variety of colors and designs. Sometimes they are chosen based on features or price; sometimes the buyer just takes whatever is available in stock or can be shipped the fastest regardless of what the exterior looks like. For many hot tub owners, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. For the hot tub owner that wants a cohesive look for the deck or patio, however, the exterior and interior colors and patterns do matter. Most spas offer cabinets for storage for spa chemicals and access to changing spa filters and other maintenance areas.

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Exterior cabinets can be made from nearly any material. Landscape contractors may sometimes suggest materials such as vinyl or some type of laminate to cover the spa’s exterior. These materials are water-resistant and usually come in gray, brown or reddish tones. Interior colors that coordinate well include pearl or white, gray and tan. Nearly any type of outdoor furniture is suitable, from wood to metal to plastic. Flooring choices are also flexible. Concrete, stone and wood decking will work with these types of spa paneling and exterior cabinets.

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