Outstanding Swimming Pool House Design Ideas

Award Bestresident Glass Pool

To put the pool in the house, not be arbitrary because it relates to building design house, spacious house, the street toward the sun, the location of a neighbor’s house, and the needs of residents about the function of the pool itself. Pool design should be matched with the main building design concept for the […]

Nature Wallpaper Design Ideas for Home Interior

Nature Wallpaper Design Ideas for Interior Home

Recognize the basic types of wallpaper materials. We recommend that you choose wallpaper based synthesis for glossy, waterproof, easy to clean and much cheaper. For the walls you should check with the digital printing, whether they have the appropriate material to use. Recognize the structure and characteristics of your room walls. Good wallpaper installed when conditions are dry wall. Clean the walls of your room in advance, if there are cracks or holes with cement and wait until conditions dry wall. So if someday in the future you want to replace with another new wallpaper, remove old wallpaper, clean the walls of the glue still attached. Once dry, please attach your new wallpaper. Calculate the wall area to be coated wallpaper, because it […]

Wooden Roof Cave-Style Japanese Restaurant by Koichi Takada Architects

Wood Roof interior Design Cave Restaurant in Sydney by Koichi Takada Architects

Architect Koichi Takada said that the restaurant design is deliberately made with great attention to quality acoustics, so the comfort and enjoyment of visitors in enjoying the meal very awake. He has tried various ways to reduce noise levels to get comfortable and eat well feel the nuances of the beautiful and exotic caves. In […]