Pool Landscapes Designed To Enthrall

Swimming pools are luxury installations but with a very functional purpose. Aside from the pools themselves, pool landscapes define how beautiful these bodies of water are. Imagine a long lap pool that’s without any surrounding ornamentation, just a deck. Pool landscaping is an art that’s very different from landscaping a garden. So what ideas can be incorporated into pool landscaping? Don’t tamper with the large stuff, i.e. the trees or shrubs, and use existing rocks to frame two sides of the pool. Add a little more vegetation like flowing plants, spacing them sporadically around the sides free of vegetation.

Pool Landscapes Waterfalls

Infinity pools or infinity edge pools are among the chicest pool styles you can have. They possess undefined edges – water actually flows down a catchment and is circulated back – which gives the illusion of an even larger pool and allows the implementation of numerous landscaping designs. You can literally add anything to the environment be it water features, plants, a fireplace/fire pit as long as the pool maintains its edgeless appearance at least on more than one side.

Speak with a good pool landscaping designer for more ideas.

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